STD Symptoms

STD-Symptoms – What You Need to Know

They say that sex is a way to create stronger bond between a couple, the process of two bodies becoming one, a sign and physical way to express the love they have for one another. And for some, sex is a fun activity that should be celebrated whether or not the two individuals share the same emotional connection. In society, especially for the youth of today, sex is no longer a question of ‘Do you love him/her?’ but it has become more of demand among the young people not knowing of the dangers that unprotected sex can bring.

STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease is known as an illness mainly transmitted from one person to another by means of sexual contact. Unknown to the society of today, a pretty significant estimated number of people live with, or has been infected with a certain type of Sexually Transmitted Disease. Some of these sexually transmitted diseases show no signs or symptoms, and some of these diseases comes to the attention or may arise to the infected person that he or she may suffer from STD after a few years. There are different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases as well as a wide range of symptoms, and these diseases can be transmitted either through oral sex, vaginal intercourse or anal sex.

Though most STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases are passed on by means of sexual intercourse or by means of human sexual behavior; Sexually Transmitted Diseases can also be transmitted from one person to another by means of drug needles or syringes after the use of a person who is a carrier of STD, as well as breast feeding and also through childbirth. These STD’s or sexually transmitted infections have been known to the society and the world for hundreds of years.

Sexually Transmitted Disease or also known as STI (sexually transmitted infection) can only happen to you when you engage in human sexual behavior with a person who suffers or is infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Though STD has a wide range of different meanings and descriptions, people who suffer from a certain Sexually Transmitted Disease can potentially transmit or infect others without showing the basic STD symptoms and signs.

STD symptoms can vary. It all depends on the type or kind of Sexually Transmitted Disease an individual is infected with or suffering from. Before moving on to the kinds of STD’s or types of symptoms a single sexually transmitted disease one can suffer from, let’s go with the most common symptoms you should take note of before considering STD medication and testing:

The itching around the genitals as well as redness and scaly rashes around the said area, unusual burning sensation or pain during urination, discomfort around the genital area of the body, unusually dark colored urine, unexplainable body ache, fever and fatigue, genital discharge and soreness of the throat and pain found around the abdominal area of the body as well as muscles pain and pain along the joints.

Below are descriptions of the common signs and symptoms when one can possibly suffer from STD:

Rashes, burning and itching

These three are the most common signs of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, rashes are most usually found centered along the genital area of the body and is accompanied by an itchy feel that gives a burning sensation. The itchiness or burning is found underneath the skin and usually is the precursor of a sore, blister and welts outbreak.

Difficulty or Burning sensation during Urination

Difficulty when an individual urinates or when one suffers from a burning sensation during urination: these are both basic symptoms and signs when a person suffers from, or is possibly infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Yes, this is a well known indication that the said man or woman, may suffer from STD. But then again, these symptoms can also be an indication that the person or the said individual is suffering from other infections such as bladder infections and infections of the prostrate for men.

Discharge from Urethra or Vagina

Aside from the difficulty one can have while urinating, pus or discharge from the urethra or the vagina is one of the most common and most noticeable of the STD symptoms. This is one of the first and usually most common sign when a person is a victim or possibly has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease. But take note that, like difficulty with urinating or having a burning sensation when an individual does urinate – discharge of pus from the vagina or urethra is not always a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. This symptom may also be a sign of uro-genital infection, or even a condition that isn’t related to any type of sexually transmitted disease.

Swelling/Tenderness of Genitals

From a number of many other symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, neither does the swelling or the tenderness of the genitals are the hardest and most unnoticeable STD symptom. Not common among men, the tenderness of swelling of the testicles and penis is uncommon for many reasons and in the case of women, swelling and tenderness of the genitals are not easily indicated. If infected, or may think and suspect that you have been infected with a type of sexually transmitted disease because of genital swelling, it is advised that you should look for other STD symptoms (like the ones stated above).

Here are the lists of STD symptoms from different types of sexually transmitted diseases:


People who have this type of disease do not show it’s symptoms, but the most common type for Chlamydia are pain, a sensation of burning while urinating, abnormal discharge through penis or vagina and soreness of testicles. It can cause one to suffer or have difficulty while urinating and can cause pain around the lower part of the abdomen or pelvic inflammatory disease for women.
Chlamydia can be cured completely but can also be caught again once your partner is untreated from this type of sexually transmitted disease.

Genital Herpes:

The STD symptoms and signs for Genital Herpes are red bumps, blisters, and open sores on the vagina, penis and other closed areas. Fever and muscle pain as well as vaginal discharge within women are also the symptoms for this type of STD. Pain while urinating can arise as well as swollen glands around the genital area. Although treatment can be applied to people who suffer from Genital Herpes in order to lower its severity given by this type of STD, there is no cure for this kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Aids and HIV Infection:

Weight loss, low-grade fevers and extreme fatigue are the STD symptoms for this kind of sexually transmitted disease. Along the mouth area, yeast infections may occur. Its symptoms include blotches inside or on the mouth, under the skin, nose or even the eyelids. The STD symptoms for this kind of disease may not come to the attention of its carrier for at least nine to ten years. Vaginal yeast infections can be developed among women as well as pelvic inflammatory disease and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Medication and constant treatment for HIV can be applied to stop the replication of the HIV virus but there is no known cure for Aids and HIV infection.

Hepatitis B:

The STD symptoms for Hepatitis B can occur to its carrier as vomiting, pain along the joint areas of the body, nausea or constant dizziness, loss of appetite, mild fever, muscle pain and headaches. The yellowing of the skin and jaundice can occur as well as the discharge of dark-colored urine and stomach ache are also known as the common symptoms and signs for this type of STD. In fact, 30% of the individuals whom are infected with Hepatitis B do not show the signs or even exhibit the STD symptoms for this type of sexually transmitted disease.
Some of the unfortunate victims or the infected individuals of Hepatitis B develop chronic HBV-Infection, but the treatment to this STD may involve constant intake of medicine to assist the liver in fighting the possible damage that has been done or caused by the virus that Hepatitis B brings.


Symptoms and signs that are common for people who suffer or has been infected with Gonorrhea may include the discharge of either a yellowish or bloody substance from the penis or vagina and pain may occur while one is urinating. Although this type of STD or sexually transmitted disease can be cured completely, one can be infected again when the said individual engages into sexual contact with a person who suffers from Gonorrhea – or the said individual’s sex partner goes untreated or even has sexual contact with multiple sex partners that carry the said STD.

If you think that you suffer from any of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases listed about, or suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned earlier – then it is best advised that you seek medical attention. Aside from the ones mentioned above, there 25 other types of STD’s an individual can possibly be infected with. To be sure that you aren’t suffering or may be a possible victim infected with STD, you should be safe and go through STD testing. It’s the surest way there is to know if you do or do not have STD.

By being tested not only will you have the common knowledge that you truly are safe from STD but also cure yourself (if positive that you are infected) and prevent STD from spreading or even infecting your partner. And by knowing of the troubles and dangers that STD can bring you, you might want to be more precautious with the partners you take to bed.
We all know of the shame STD can bring an individual. We know that it’s a long process and how hard it is to find a company that can help you through your illness without spreading that word that you have been infected with STD.

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The last step is the post result counseling which gives you the opportunity to ask them about the results for your STD Testing. Discount STD Testing is sure to answer all your questions, making sure to give you only the best of services that they can give you. Fully aware of the impact and change, whatever the result maybe – Discount STD Testing will never leave space for any errors and will assist you from start to finish, making sure that you receive only the best of help and assistance all throughout the process.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are embarrassing, but hopefully with the right precautions and choices you make through your life – you don’t need to worry about STD or suffer any of its symptoms. If you believe that you do have STD, it’s better to act as soon as you can. It’s painful enough that you suffer any of the STD symptoms, why hide away when you can be cured?

Be aware of your nightly pleasures and your bedroom adventures. There’s no better weapon against STD, than being safe.

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