People who are sexually active and have multiple partners are at a great risk of having sexually transmitted diseases. Engaging in any sexual activity without protection especially with a new or random partner without knowing the other partner’s medical history exposes you to a danger of contacting an STD such as gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a prevalent disease infecting most teenagers and adults that engages in any sexual activity. Cases of gonorrhea have been reported that affects not only the genitals, but also the anus, the throat and even the eyes. You might think that you are safe and is quite unlikely that you will catch an STD because you were careful in engaging in any sexual activity even with a random partner because of using the proper protection such as a condom. However, you have to ask yourself if the said protection you used was properly done. If not, you are still not safe from getting infected with gonorrhea. You have to undergo a routine STD test such as a gonorrhea testing.

Gonorrhea testing is necessary to determine whether you have the disease, to prevent the spread and cure you of a gonorrhea infection in instances that you are tested positive and to avoid any serious damage in your system. You must undergo a thorough examination and gonorrhea tests to erase the nagging doubt in your mind, especially if you are having gonorrhea symptoms.

If you are ready to undergo the necessary gonorrhea tests, search for a medical company that has a good reputation of protecting their client’s privacy and reputation. That is if you want discretions in dealing with the said disease. Choose a company that facilitates testing and laboratory exam in a facilities and laboratories within your vicinity, so that you do not need to go to a far location which disrupts your schedule and work. There are companies that provide such service and with affiliates all over the country that you need not worry as to where to get your gonorrhea tests. It is necessary also that the company that will facilitate the gonorrhea testing have accommodating staffs that will not make you uncomfortable.

A competent and reliable STD testing company that facilitates gonorrhea tests is necessary so that an accurate and reliable result will be provided to you. Search through the internet of companies that offers the said examination. A company that also offers then necessary tests and laboratory exams at a discounted price and will also facilitate the preparation for the test you will undergo by simply calling them for an appointment. Their highly trained and accommodating personnel will facilitate the preparation so that everything is ready and taken care of before you visit their facility. These companies will then refer you for a visit to a private testing facility for the necessary laboratory. You do not need to be worried as to the kind of facilities they will refer you to since most of this facilities they are affiliated with caters to various kinds of examinations, not just for STD’s or specifically for gonorrhea testing. The anxieties you are feeling will ease since these facilities caters to various laboratory tests and you will not be suspected of undergoing gonorrhea tests.

Select a testing company that prioritizes your convenience especially if you have a very hectic schedule. Choose also company that can process the laboratory test immediately and you will get the result the next day, thereby cutting short the agony of waiting. There are companies that provide the service of reading the medical exam result to you over the phone with utmost discretion, which will also facilitate the forwarding of the result through fax and email while maintaining the necessary discretion.

There are companies that provide you with counselors who understand and listen to your plight. They will also assists you and provide you with the psychological support that you need. And will also assist you with the necessary paper works such as processing the payment schedules and insurance claims. These companies are noted for their reliability that doctors trust them to facilitate the testing and laboratory exams they have.

There are companies that bill you with utmost discretion and will even give you the options of letting your medical insurance company pay for the medical laboratories exam you went through. They will process it for you without any hassle and without having you worry of getting it mailed to your house.

If you have contacted gonorrhea before and were successfully treated does not necessarily mean that you will not be infected again if you are not careful and is still practicing unprotected sex. Remember that the practice of unsafe sex will not only expose you of the gonorrhea disease, you are also prone of getting other sexually diseases such as HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) that may develop into a full blown AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), as well as Chlamydia and syphilis.

Studies have also shown that due to widespread infection of the gonorrhea disease, the current gonorrhea strains infection are resisting treatments from the antibiotics that are known to cure it. With the current trend of the said infection, it is necessary that you should be careful as to whom to engage sexual contact with. The spreading of this drug resistant gonorrhea strain will create a worldwide epidemic if a treatment will not be found soon and if nobody will heed on the benefits of engaging in sex with proper protection.

It is also recommended that a person infected with gonorrhea must also undergo other Sexually Transmitted Diseases tests. The sooner detected of having such disease, the better success of treating the other diseases. The treatment of gonorrhea is a combination of the two drugs. If you are suffering from the said disease immediate treatment is needed so that the damage to your system is contained and to prevent further damage. The treatment will cure you of the gonorrhea disease but the drug cannot repair the damage that has been done to your system such as infertility and the damage of the joints.

There are various ways of getting you tested with the gonorrhea disease. Discuss with your doctor and the facilitating laboratory as to what kind of gonorrhea testing you would want to undergo. These companies will gladly provide you the necessary information, the risks involved and what test you are comfortable of undergoing. Blood and urine samples or a swab from your sexual organ or from an infected body part that was exposed or used in sexual intercourse will be used in testing. These laboratory tests you will undergo will guide them in providing the accurate diagnosis for you.

These gonorrhea tests will also to determine whether or not you really have gonorrhea or some other sexually transmitted disease since there are gonorrhea symptoms that are similar with that of Chlamydia. Even if there are similarities in the symptoms, both of the diseases need different kind of treatment.

Getting sick of gonorrhea or of any other disease will disrupt you from your regular routines. The physical discomfort you experience will make you itch for an instant relief if only that is possible. The medical test, the laboratory exams and the treatment is a process that does not happen in a day. An early cure or better yet prevent and avoid infecting others and getting infected with the disease.

Testing facilities also offers discounts to people who will undergo gonorrhea testing especially to those that belong in the military service and their wives, senior citizens and couple who want to get tested. Counseling will also be provided to those who undergo the tests, those that are infected and are undergoing treatment. In instances that you don’t have a physician or you want to transfer to a new physician who will administer the proper medical treatment, there are gonorrhea testing companies that will assist you in looking for a physician and this is coupled with an utmost discretion. Choose a company that provides these services and more. Their aim is to give you the necessary cure you need as well as giving you the utmost care while providing treatment without embarrassment and further hassle on your part. But then your utmost cooperation is also necessary for a successful treatment.

Gonorrhea also known as a clap is an infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. It is a disease that has existed centuries ago due to the rampant engagement of unprotected sex. There was no known cure of gonorrhea before but with the discovery of penicillin and the various researches made to find a cure for the said disease, the treatment had begun. The practice of unprotected since is rampant up to this day that is why the said disease was not eradicated but had mutated into a strain that is treatment resistant. The previous gonorrhea strain can be easily treated with antibiotics. There is a need to prevent the further spread of disease since having gonorrhea without immediate medical treatment can cause serious damage to an infected person which sometimes causes death. Immediately undergo gonorrhea testing if you are experiencing gonorrhea symptoms such as: a burning sensation in the genitals when urinating or while having sex and having an odorous, bloody and whitish, yellowish or greenish discharge for women. The men will experience having a painful and swollen testicles and pus discharges in their sexual organ in urinating.

Women must not take for granted the abdominal pains and vaginal bleeding they experience especially if the said pain occurs between periods. Usually women associates the symptoms for other sickness not related to STD’s in general and gonorrhea in particular, thereby foregoing the possibility that what they are going through are gonorrhea symptoms. If you are experiencing the said symptoms, you need gonorrhea testing immediately. Even if it turns out negative, at least you will know that you are safe and you don’t have gonorrhea or other STD’s but it doesn’t mean that you will not undergo further tests to determine the root cause of the cramps you are experiencing. Do not take for granted the pains that feel, take another medical tests so that you can have an earlier treatment for whatever disease you are having. It is advisable for women to undergo routine tests for an untreated gonorrhea before it will give serious complication such as a pelvic inflammation disease that can cause sterility and damage to your fallopian tube. That will prevent you form conceiving and having babies in the future.

Men with untreated gonorrhea will lead to having an epididymitis, which is the swelling of ducts of the testicles that also causes sterility.
Those that have engage into an anal or oral sex gets infected with gonorrhea too. The bacteria usually spread when there is mucus to mucus contact. The symptoms are different when the throat, the anus and the eyes gets infected. The infection is associated with fever when the other organs are the one infected. Having a pink eye is the result of contacting gonorrhea in the eyes.

Unsuspecting pregnant women that are suffering from gonorrhea may pass along the disease to their babies during the birthing process. Babies who are infected with gonorrhea may get blind, will have a joint or a blood infection that is life threatening. Have yourself tested and treated before getting pregnant or while you are pregnant.

The various tests that will determine whether or not you have the disease are: gram stains, bacterial culture and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

The gram stain is used by many doctors and laboratory facilities in testing since it is inexpensive to conduct and the gonorrhea disease can be easily detected using this.

The procedure is done by getting a swab of mucus from the cervix of a woman and from the penis of a man. The swab is then spread on the microscope; it will be stained with a dye that will show the strain of gonorrhea. But this testing method can sometimes be unreliable than the other kind of test such as the culturing of the bacteria and the molecular probing since there are possibilities that there are other STD infections in the sample aside from gonorrhea and will not be determine through the gram stain.

The Nucleic Acid Amplification Test detects the presence of gonorrhea through reproduction of the DNA of the gonorrhea bacteria. These tests uses urine specimen or bloody fluid from the genitals of the person infected and also from the other infected areas that were used during the sexual intercourse such as the anus and the mouth.

Gonorrhea culturing is done by getting a swab of mucus like substance from the sexual organ infected, from the anus, the throat and even the eyes. It is done by combining the samples taken with a substance that aids the growth of the gonorrhea bacteria strain. This test is helpful in determining whether or not the strain acquired from you is antibiotic resistant or not, the advantage of culturing is that it helps the doctors in administering treatment that is effective and plausible.

As long as you did not undergo a medical treatment for a gonorrhea infection and you have all the gonorrhea symptoms, you will most likely infect the person you will have a sexual contact with. Avoid engaging in any sexual contact while having treatment especially anal and oral sex to avoid infecting others and to contain the infection.

When undergoing a test, answer truthfully the questions asks by you by the attending physician and those in the laboratory while undergoing the test and laboratory exam so that proper medical attention will be given to you. Your medical history is important also so as to determine the proper treatment. You have to be assured that whatever information you have provided to the attending physician and personnel will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

The incubation period for a gonorrhea infection is 30 days but there are cases that the gonorrhea symptoms manifest in an infected person in 2 to 5 days. Have yourself undergo a gonorrhea testing the soonest possible time. Even if you have not test positive during an examination, you need to undergo a regular testing if the probability is high that you have been infected with gonorrhea or any other STD’s especially if you have a sexual contact with a person who have been tested positive. Keep in mind that you are responsible in containing the spread of the disease. Do your part. Act responsibly.

With the rampant spread of the gonorrhea infection that ranges from teenagers to adults, you must take the necessary precaution of protecting yourself and your family from the disease. Abstinence or mutual monogamous relationships are the two best solutions to eradicate the spread of the disease. The two said solutions are hard to live, considering man’s primal urges, which is sometimes uncontainable. Have yourself protected is the next option. You need to use latex condom if you engage in any sexual intercourse especially if you are doing it with a new partner. Make sure that the said condom is properly place to prevent accidental infection.

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